Education Fund

In 2012 Nafsi had a lot of children in the training centers who stopped going to school due to lack of school fees and school requirements. Nafsi attempted to keep the children in schools by raising funds among their members.

Gradually the number of the children with education challenge had grown and Nafsi acrobats could not sustain payments of school fee.In 2014 Spormedia organized a youngster’s trip of 8 who participated in edutainment and cultural performances and workshops in schools and public places around Germany, Denmark and Bulgaria. Spormedia raised enough funds to support education of the children who traveled. Spormedia invited more host families and managed to sustain the school fund for the following year until 2nd youngster’s trip 2016

which raised more money for education and has enabled more children to be part of the education program.

In 2020 friends of Nafsi in Rome Italy also joined into the education project and they have contributed full scholarship for four students in high school.

The education project has higher objective of building education of the children and open up opportunities for them in the future within Nafsi and for their future sustainability elsewhere.

The sessions run once every week for two hours under the supervision of our professional trained team. ​

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