Manzi Rada Project

Due to the lower number of women in the performing arts in acrobatics and dance, Nafsi sought to find a perfect method of attracting the young women by introducing music activities through the Manzi Rada ;urban Swahili slung for 'stay alert girl.' The project which is funded by Spor Media and CISU has in 2019 coached a total of 40 girls and young women in singing and playing musical instruments professionally and this has improved the participation of women in the organization to 50/50 gender balance in all levels of the organization. Manzi Rada Project also introduced the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) sensitizing the local communities in the agenda on Climate Action through creating theatrical shows and forums opening up the conversation on these issues and the ideas to survive it. In the last year the Nafsi group has traveled with the 85 children to Mutomo, a small village in Kitui. 

Nafsi established network with Kisilu Musya; a leading climate activist and an award winning actor in the documentary 'Thank you for the Rain'.

The project has so far produced an All Girl's music band 'Pepea Afrik' which will be soon start performing in the local festivals and playing in the local radio stations. They are using music to promote and sensitize the society on women issues and have become role models for the many underprivileged girls and women in the slums of Nairobi and its environs.  

Follow the Pepea Afrik on their social media leads and help promote them. 

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