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This project became active following the Covid-19 pandemic making it impossible for people to meet across the globe. Young people have an avenue to meet and share cultures, ideas and make new friendships despite travel bans. This platform is being utilized to engage youngsters from Denmark and Kenya in conversations on climate change issues and involvement of children and youth in the new adaptation methods.  



Sustainable living is achieved by improving and enhancing small life practices on a day to day to reduce, recycle and reuse. Aiming at pushing for the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals Nafsi (SDGs) involves itself in conversations, training and doing activities that promote the following goals in collaboration with Kisilu Musya, a climate activist, farmer and a film star popularly from the documentary 'Thank you for the Rain'

Our areas of focus: 

  • Climate Action

  • Gender Equality

  • Partnerships for the Goals

  • Affordable and clean energy 



Manzi Rada;- urban Swahili slung for 'Woman stay alert.' The project which is funded by Spor Media and CISU has in 2019 coached a total of 40 girls and young women in singing and playing musical instruments professionally and this has improved the participation of women in the organization. The Project championed for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) sensitizing the local communities in the agenda on Climate Action through creating theatrical shows and forums opening up the conversation on these issues among children and young people in the slums of Nairobi and Mutomo in Kitui. 



Nafsi has been holding training sessions for children since 2009 done by the senior senior acrobats who secured performance shows in Europe  during the summer and thus when they returned home they had time to train preparing for the next shows and as a result started training the children from the local community who came to watch them. The Outreach project now runs sessions in five (5) centers; Kariobangi South, St. Christine Kibera, Babadogo, Dagoretti and Kivuli center in Kabiria reaching to over 350 children annually. This project is supported by Friends of Nafsi Rome (Italy)



Nafsi Africa Nafsi Africa Acrobats organizes timely performance tours to Africa and Europe with different groups and friends within the organization every year. Nafsi also liaises with circus organizations globally and make collaborations.

Nafsi Africa started with performances and workshops in schools and local events as a source of employment and earning livelihood.  

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In 2012 Nafsi had a lot of children in the training centers who stopped going to school due to lack of school fees and school requirements. Nafsi attempted to keep the children in schools by raising funds among their members.
Gradually the number of the children with education challenge had grown and Nafsi acrobats could not sustain payments of school fee supported by Spor Media in Denmark, Circus Charivari- Germany and the Friends of Nafsi Rome (FON-R). The program continues and has catered for at least 30 students since its inception in 2014.