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Tangaza Project

The Tangaza project is dedicated to empowering young individuals by enhancing their digital skills in areas such as film shooting, video editing and content production. They create engaging online content that raises awareness, educates and provides information to young people in Kenya and globally. The project's primary focus is on promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with particular emphasis on addressing issues related to climate change and gender equality in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Outreach Training Project

The Outreach Project's primary goal is to provide children and young adults residing in Nairobi's slums including Babadogo, Kibera, Kivuli center, Kariobangi, Babadogo and Dagoretti corner with artistic skills in various forms of performance such as dance, music and acrobatics. The project's overarching mission is to engage these youth in constructive activities, diverting their attention from the challenges of slum life. It receives support from Per Agnese in Rome, Italy and empowers individuals in Kenya and other regions to pursue these artistic skills as a means of earning a livelihood.

Global Stay Tours

The Global Stay Tours (GST) initiative was launched in 2020 as a response to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, which disrupted school programs and hindered travel. GST leverages digital media and Zoom video conferencing to facilitate meaningful connections between young people from Kenya and Denmark. This project not only enables social interaction between these two groups but also provides them with an opportunity to earn a living while doing so.


Youngsters Tours 

The project provides emerging artists trained under our program with opportunities to showcase their talent in both Kenya and Europe. They create themed performances that address cultural and global issues prevalent in their home countries. These shows are presented in various community spaces, schools and theaters across Europe and have already toured Denmark, Germany, Austria and Bulgaria.

School Fund 

Over 25 children are awarded educational scholarships thanks to the Nafsi Education Project, which receives support from Friends of Nafsi in Denmark, Germany, and Italy.

"Nafsi's rhythmic evolution, fueled by the Manzi Rada project backed by Spor Media, harmonized the beat of the music with its traditional dance and acrobatics, finally giving girls a chance to shine."

Manzi Rada  

Nafsi's participation in the Manzi Rada project, sponsored by Spor Media, broadened their focus beyond dance and acrobatics by adding music to their performances. This expansion increased diversity and inclusivity with more female performers, addressing previous gender imbalances.


Wild Walls Project

Nafsi Pamoja in collaboration with Art360 Kibera, Jyderup school and Spor Media in Denmark made sketches on biodiversity in Kenya focusing on animals and plants in the verge of extinction in Kenya and Denmark. The children took a tour to the Nairobi national park to make the connection. 


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